Salamat, Danke, Merci, Thank you PEBA, and Happy Holidays too

December 28, 2010

This month has rather been busy with all the events related to Christmas, I have to beg off from blogging. 

It's been two weeks since the Pinoy Expats/ OFW Blog Awards night where my entry (here) landed a great and un-expected second place. Please allow me to copy my facebook note on it:
Mama got excited for the awards night, and went to Narda's for her PhP 4k Igorot dress. Incidentally, there were two Igorot awardees in the top 10 (#2 and #3). Thank you Perts for the fotos.

Looking now at these photos, I realized the easiest part was for me to write the entry, the fulfillment is mama saying she's proud and happy to be part of the awards night, and the real winners are the people behind PEBA for putting the event through. These winners are working from all corners of the globe and all corners of the Philippines -- unpaid, and just strongly driven by their passion to make a difference for the OFW bloggers.

Going back to my entry, I sat to write it six hours prior to the closing of submission,and I'm just thankful it still made it as entry # 28th. I wasn't really expecting anything since 25% of scoring was from popularity. When I submitted, my stats was only about 3000-ish page views for a 15 months old blog. Before the awarding, it reached 7000-ish. I was hiding my blog from people who know me, and due to work and family commitments, I cannot as much blog hop to earn traffic and votes. Eventually I have to ask help here at facebook, and somehow was blessed to generate support.

Thank you all!
Many thanks for the support, especially to those who believed in my entry.

Thanks a lot PEBA, my Mama was proud and glad!

I am on the other end of the line =)
And to all my fellow nominees and all fellow OFW bloggers, congratulations too!

Merry, merry Christmas =)

I guess I'm getting used to the sandpit Christmas celebration, but of course I miss the Filipino tradition. Much unlike the Philippines, Christmas is more of a commercialized event here where malls are adorned with greens and reds of Christmas trees, Santa Claus and his rein-deers, BUT nothing of the Nativity, since of course it is a Muslim country. The essence then is a challenge for every Christian believer to find it in his/ her heart.

The trimmings at Mirdiff Mall, Dubai Mall and Mercato Mall. I would've loved to drive to Emirates Palace to see the controversial $11M Christmas tree.
We attended the Christmas mass at St Mary's, and this nativity scene much made up for our longing to see one. Above is Fr. Tomasito during the parish announcement, saying "To those of you who attend mass only during Easter and Christmas, whatever your reasons are, the Church is always here to welcome you back". This was aptly meant for us. Can I hope we could be better in 2011?


From us and the Gremlin, we wish everyone a blessed 2011. And may the Christmas spirit reign in us everyday =)

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  1. habol din. merry christmas and adv happy new year! sobrang busy nga these days, kaliwat kanan may kainan, tapos closing pa, as accountants, di ba patayan time to! hehehe you know the feeling.

    congrats nga sa atin sa PEBA. oh di ba, dubai bloggers are best talaga. let us keep on sharing our stories to all the people of the world.

    wahh! baka magkita pa tayo sa burj khalifa sa new year, also planning to spend new year there, balita ko maganda daw fireworks. trip ko yun.

    once lang ako naka simba nung simbang gabi, kaka guilty nga eh, pero at least i know and feel the spirit within.

    may 2011 brings us all the best in life. cheers!

  2. Congratulations really have a knack in writing. Keep on using and nurturing your talents.

    A blessed New Year ahead to you and your love ones! ^_^

  3. congratulations! YOu can write for sure. I love the Christmas decorations.

    About blogging, I feel the same way, it's hard to keep up with everyone when we're working.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


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