Road Drive - E11 (UAE's longest road)

January 08, 2011

We took on E11 yesterday from Deira, Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah, and covered five of UAE's seven emirates in two hours (includes getting lost inside Sharjah/ Ajman and a sea side lunch in Um Al Qwain).

E11 is the UAE's longest road, stretching from Abu Dhabi (at the Saudi border) to Ras Al Khaimah (Oman border). In Dubai, the road is popular as Sheikh Zayed Road.

Going back home, we took E311 or Emirates Road, which is an hour drive (minus the traffic). This is plain highway at 120 kph driving, where at night, the visual respite is seeing roadside campers' bonfires as well as 4x4 cars' lights doing somewhat dune bashing.

It was just recently when we started driving to the other Emirates (naks, after all UAE is just small) that we realized the easiest way to take note of our route is through the E-s naming convention of the roads that's on our google maps print out.
When not sure that we entered the right way, we would closely check each of the the light posts in the middle of the road because in small inscription, as above, is the road number. 

The sea side by the road at Um Al Qwain
The inland water in Um Al Qwain
Lifting our butts awhile
Late lunch.  A drive just past Dreamland Aquapark in Um Al Qwain
Notice the body of water that formed at the right side
Iceland Aquapark is along E11. Winter meant low sales for waterparks

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  1. actually you can cover 6 emirates by taking dubai - ajman - sharjah - umm al qwain - ras al khaimah-fujairah (via dibah) and back to sharjah ( via dhaid) in about 4-5 Hours.

    with short stop in khor fakkan for quick lunch.

    masakit lang sa pwet! :>

  2. trip ko rin yung mga road trip na ganyan, kaso wla akong lisenya hehehe.

    dapat lang na after a weeklong stress sa work eh mag unwind after. welcome respite talaga ang road trip. nanjan na ang road,, trip na lang ang

  3. Nice photos Bevs! Gusto ko yung #1, 2 and 4.

    Nakapunta na ako sa RAK at Umm Al Quwain ng year 2007 and wala pa akong interest sa piktyur-piktyur noon. Wish ko lang makapag road trip din kami at ng makapagpiktyur. Nakakuha ako ng tips sayo kung saan dadaan. Malamang super sakit sa pwet kasi galing pa kami dito sa Al Ain hehehehe.

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