Dubai to Musandam (Oman)

February 19, 2011

I must say that a trip to Musandam, Oman is a must for UAE expats for that great breather from the city life. It's a mere 185 kms drive from Dubai in about three hours. During holidays, it may take longer in the border as people que for the visa stamp.
We definitely would be going back, and I'm listing here some of why we'll be:

Top reasons to drive to Musandam, Oman:

1. Drive in about 45 kilometers of easy and breathtaking coastal drive -- curving through the rocky mountain edges with the blue sea on one side
2. Camp and relax. We joined around 40 cars who camped along Bassa Beach neaar the Golden Tulip Hotel. Other daring options could be at over 2000 meters above sea level at Jebel Sayh or at small Telegraph island surrounded by waters. 

3. Drift through timelessness in a dhow trip through the fjords with rugged coastlines and hidden inlets. We did a half day trip for AED 100 each (whole day costs AED 200), starting with a little of the splashing wavy waters until the boat reaches near the inlet to see dolphins. Reaching past the inlet, the water calms. Then we get a sight of the ancient Kumzar village. Moving a little and we reached Telegraph Island where some of our mates swam and snorkled. Down the clear waters, fishes got near the boat.

4. Take the challenge to drive offroad up UAE's and Musandam's highest peak of 2087m at Jebel Sayh (also called Jebel Harim) for over 30 kms through unpaved roads up the rocky mountains. Maneuver through blind curves without convex mirrors, definitely giving the feel of the need to drive slow and carefully and oh, definitely on 4X4.

5. Take a short trek up the UAE- Oman border before reaching Sayh Plateau. Find the border marker and cross between the two countries without formalities. Meet the wind and the cool air.

6. Smiles and waves from fellow drivers on the road along the mountain slopes is definitely a breather from the city roads where no one gives the approaching driver a blink. Each one seems to be glad you're in the place with them.

7. Be accustomed of goats and donkeys crossing the roads and loitering the place. Before the border, see cows by the middle of the road.

8. Be in awe of creation with the different rock formations. Set aside daily concerns and get to feel the basics of how the earth came to be.

9. Drive to Khor Najd and watch fishermen transfer their large catches from the boat to the cars .

10. Get a feel of the Omani's 17th century forts as their means of guards against attacks of the sea.

Our total experience of camping, mountain trekking and driving offroad is a total highlight.

Our Explorer UAE Off-Road book has guided us well with its detailed maps and listings of must-sees, and I recommend it for those traveling by themselves. 

Other relevant links are:

Royal Oman Police - regarding visas. We first paid AED 35 for the UAE exit stamp, then AED 50  each for the Omani tourist visa as UAE residents.

Oman Tourism - guides to the attractions, getting to and around Oman. For your hotel search (if you don't camp), pick "Khasab". 

Just drop me a comment below if you think I could help with some of your queries. (PS, I noticed the increase in my blog traffic with UAE IP addresses mostly landing on pages of our road trips, hence this tone).

For more of our Musandam trip's photo takes, I posted them HERE at Facebook. You might want to let me know you came by clicking "Like". Thanks a lot!

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  1. Super enjoy talaga ako tuwing bibisita ako dito...visual treat para sa akin ang mga photos and may natutunan pa ako. Love all the photos Bevs. Sana makapunta rin kami dyan one of these days, pag ok na ang tuhod ni hubby.

  2. Thank you Jo. Nakaka-inspire naman lalo mag-blog :-)

    Sana gumaling na si hubby mo, habang hindi pa mainit para makalabas din kayo...

  3. hey nakalau na kau ha..hope everything is doin well and good in there..u inspire a lot of readers and viewers safe and keep going....GOD BLESS

  4. Uy, may dolphins! Until now Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi pa lang napuntahan ko. :(

  5. nice pictures!! I would love to take my family Musandam if time permits... and contact you for few details

  6. Musandam,the narrow entry into the Persian Gulf, from the Arabian Peninsula.It is very nice place. I would love to go there with my family.

  7. awesooome plc soon inshallah im going there

  8. We are planning a camping trip to Musandam this weekend. Enjoyed your blog! I am interested in knowing what you brought as camping gear and if you brought all your food or bought it there/ate out? Thanks!

  9. what is the lodging rate over there???

  10. I have discovered your blog today and I love it!! You make very beautiful things and your tutorials are very good. I will add your blog to my list. Congratulations for your works ..Musandam Dibba

  11. Musandam Khasab is one of the beautiful places to visit along with your family.


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