Gremly Tweets July 2010 - January 2011

February 11, 2011

This is our daily sight at home, with the Gremlin making the most of what's left (we kept all his toys) for him and recreates his favorite The Palm Jumeirah or the the Burj Khalifa

The floor now is added to his canvass. Again, his version of the The Palm on the floor

 The Gremlin moves a lot, and of course talks a lot. And for my diary, I managed to tweet the following on him for seven months:

Gremlin, combing his hair: "I'm becoming more guwapo"  10 Dec 2010

In front of the mirror, Gremlin: "I'm guwapu!" Ay sus! 20 Nov 2010

Gremlin erasing his drawing of me: "Ok mama, let's change it, not mad face" hmmmp! After drawing his dad's smiling face, drawn mine as mad! 19 Nov 2010 

Gremlin: "... In the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen." then he asks "What is the Spirit"? 2 Nov 2010 

Me: "Your papa and me will go out" Gremlin: "That will be nice, where are you going?" (He's glad for me to leave the laptop for him to use)  2 Nov 2010 

Gremlin: "Mama, can you please remove your slippers? Next time do not use them in my play area because it will get this dirty!" 3 Oct 2010 

Gremlin: "Papa, dont hold the butterfly! It wont fly!" 3 Oct 2010 
The Gremlin's today: 110cm and 18.5 kgs. 3 Oct 2010 

I restricted my son to drink as we on sort-of long drive. I declined when he asked for my juice. He said: "Mama, you should share!" 1 Oct 2010 

I'm now getting physical, grabbing tight his arms, with my Gremlin when he misbehaves. He said: "Mama, please dont hurt me, that's bad!" 1 Oct 2010 

Gremlin: "Mama ~ I'm hungry ~~",
Me: "We go home, there's lots of vegetables and apples!"
Gremlin: "Can we go buy cake?" 1 Oct 2010 

At our Dreamland Aquapark trip, Gremlin: "I like to sliding one hundred times, not swimming!" and he wants the high Mighty Slides =) 30 Sep 2010 

After Deira Creek stroll, Gremlin: "I dont want to ride the car to Atlantis! Can we ride the boat to go there?!" 30 Sep  2010 

Me: "Kalel, what did Teacher Aileen tell you?" Gremlin: "She said, 'Be quiet!' " Hahaha! 30 Sep 2010 

It's the first day of the Gremlin at KG2 today... yesterday night was a wrestle to put him to sleep starting from 10 pm to 12 midnight...  14 Sep 2010 

Hearing our chat on RTA, the Gremlin at the backseat drew the RTA logo. My son, you made me so happy and proud of what you can do =) 12 Sep 2010

 The Gremlin adores Dubai Mall's fountain a lot! Last month, he has been clicking alone youtube for videos. We though have to spell for him. 7 Sep 2010 

Gremlin: "Can I please paint, pleeeease -- on the laptop?!" He meant at Paint, he's been doing it for a week now. 7 Sep 2010 

Gremlin frantically crying over suppository forced to his ubet: "Did the line get out?!! Did it get flushed?!!" 31 Aug 2010 

Gremlin's building parking litany: " They close the light because they are saving energy. They open the lights so we can see our way!" 30 Aug 2010

Gremlin: "You should know that, the machine is blowing up the water!" . He was lecturing his dad how the Dubai Mall water fountain works =) 29 Aug 2010 

Hahaha, the Gremlin insisting his grammar against his dad. "Not "bit" papa, it's mama bite me!" 28 Aug 2010 

My phone fell on the floor. Gremlin: " It's papa's fault, mama you punish papa! Papa, you should be punished!" 22 Aug  2010 

Casually, the Gremlin said "I want to go to USA (to watch the Bellagio fountains in Vegas)!" 21 Aug 2010 

I said "Oh so there's a great wall of Turkey" while looking at the pictures of Gulfnews today. Gremlin: "No, Great Wall of China!" 21 Aug  2010 

Aunties Nymfa and Berly's cakes for dessert on Friday lunch here at home. Auntie Joan's family joined us too =) 21 Aug  2010 

Awaiting the fountain show @ Dubai Mall, I was blabbering to the Gremlin when sweetly he said: "Can you please stop talking mama..." 17 Aug  2010 

Gremlin's current way to emphasize negation: No! N-O! (spelling out the letters). 16 Aug  2010

Me:"Kalel pls press the red button"(of his dad's massage chair so i can take turn" Gremlin "that's not very good mama and papa will get mad" 12 Aug  2010

At the dining table, Gremlin: "Papa you are old... Mama is new..." Hahaha! 10 Aug  2010 

Kids are fast learners, we just need to believe. Thank you teacher Aileen for the hugs, I think the Gremlin coped well because of those. 8 Aug  2010 

We're just glad to have sent the Gremlin to a monthlong summer school, helped him to pass his KG2 assessment test without attending KG1. 8 Aug  2010 

We enrolled the Gremlin to mainstream KG2 school yesterday, and we look forward he'll adjust well when he hasnt stepped on KG1... 8 Aug  2010

 Gremlin: "Wait a second papa!". He earlier used "a minute" =) 7 Aug  2010

Gremlin: "I want to be a astronaut so I can drive a rocket ship!" 5 Aug  2010 

Gremly proactive-ness: "I think we should put back the plastic of the table!" 5 Aug  2010 

Second line from the Gremlin: "If my teeth come off, I will buy a new one. But my money got lost in the bed..." 3 Aug  2010 

"If my teeth come off, I need to eat a apple!" said the Gremlin. Yes, it's been always "a" before a vowel-starting word. 2 Aug  2010 

Shifting things, tired but glad... seven car trips and a truck trip tomorrow... 23 Jul  2010 

Meeting as I came from work, Gremlin: "Mama, I want to go to planet Mars, I want to go to outer space!" 22 Jul  2010

The sick Gremlin wont let me leave home for work this morning. He said: "But you forget me mama!" 16 Jul  2010 

My li'l boy's down with fever and a li'l cough... 13 Jul  2010 

Gremlin: "Mama your favourite color is pink, my favourite is green, and papa's favourite color is orange!" ... huh? ok... 9 Jul  2010 

On his 2nd day of summer classes, Gremlin insisting sweetly: "Papa, can you please bring me to school?" 7 Jul  2010

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  1. Gremlin is definitely getting more gwapo. He is a little funny guy too.

    Don't you get tired of picking up? I was just picking up the toys... haaaay, everyday.

  2. I love that you are giving him a lot of (literally) space to explore. Ang galing ng illustration nya ng Palm. :)

    Happy Valentine's!


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