That feeling of an earthquake around and What Matters

March 19, 2011

Some three weeks back, my colleague answered "Are you ok?", as I suddenly kneeled by her desk and asked "Is there an earthquake?". I thought there was a mild tremor as I swayed a little. Later in the restroom, I got scared when my head was like ready to hit the floor when I stooped. I remembered my granny who lost consciousness in the restroom due to stroke.

This was the second since the first experience I had late last year. These happened in the times my husband knows it's futile calling me during the day, but just at least to make sure I have my dinner unless I promise to be home early to join him and the Gremlin.

Oh well, ok, I have to go slow from here. This blog post is just a reminder for me to re-assess where I am heading.

"I've been passionate, and selfishness is the least I want in return"

What matters:

The Gremlin laughs at the most unfunny sounds, at least

Tired Gremlin

What makes gremlins think fried chicken is yummy?

Sleepy Gremlin on the way to the desert

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  1. Ingat Bevs. Tingin ko masyado kang workaholic at nakakalimutan na ang pagkain. Remember, iisa lang ang katawan natin, ang trabaho andyan lang yan.

    Mas makakabuti na magpacheck up ka rin. Sometimes tremors or tingling sensations are signs of electrolyte imbalance.

  2. Be careful and do look after your health. I agree with misalyn, do get a check up if you can. I hope you're feeling better today.

  3. Have a checkup. Better be safe. And yes, let blogging just be a sideline of our lives. What matters most is our family and us.

    Agalalwad ka, sabi nga nila.

  4. Health is wealth. Take the best of care.

  5. im suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, it's a weird feeling. at first i thought something is really wrong bec i was getting dizzy. i agree, have a checkup.

    PS. Gremlin is a cutie


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