March 10, 2011

"It's the deed that makes the man," and so the Spirit of the West grumbled to the lizard of no name, err, Rango.

We just watched Rango (dubbed by Johnny Depp) on the big screen. A cinema date with a kid must always be a rated G.  Rango though, with gun firing, slapping, spitting and some adult comments, is not the Barney/ Little Einsteins type that confines the kid to wholesome takes. From time to time we'd whisper to the Gremlin "...but that is not good", most of which he was heartily and loudly laughing at. I don't really endorse it for kids, but yes,  the storyline and the settings are entertaining for adults. I consider it an animated PG 15 movie.

Feel Good 

I was "low" lately, and to lift my spirits, I went for a haircut (had the other one almost a year back), I asked for a movie, and I asked to go on a long drive (the husband is now reading through for options).

Oh well, i think my feeling "low" was aggravated by my "period" (this monthly-womanly-mood-swings thing is just annoying). It's frustrating when others misunderstand your passion and motivation, and acts too personal. Anyhow, I have recollected myself and had my self-motivation back. I said, first, I'm doing it for my family and second, will not take anything personal unless it genuinely compromises my motivation. (Hehe, I'm ranting here when I promised not to. Let' see if I'm gonna delete this later)

More importantly, it's just so nice to come home everyday with lots-a warm hugs.

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  1. im having my period as well. I haven't watched a movie in awhile, so busy lately.

    I agree, it's nice to come home everyday.

  2. Movies have a way of cheering me up. In that case, I only watch funny and feel good movies. Same here, I get moody whenever my period arrives.

    Thank you for the encouragement on my post. It seems that we're both going through a tough week with work. It's much better now but I can't wait to put this week behind me.

    Have a great weekend and an additional hug from DC.


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