Again, thankful for another year

April 26, 2011

I turned another year older two weeks back and I can only count how much blessed I am. The past year was not about having accrued financial wealth, but of peace of mind and heart that my families (and friends too) are safe and healthy everyday.

Who's the baby? Away from home, Mama joins us this year, making it more special.

For my birthday lunch, it's another family thing at Mozaique, Fujairah Rotana. I'm sorry to my friends, it's another year again of not sharing our traditional lunch/ dinner with you.
A birthday cake and a nice picture -- for another blessed year, most especially blessed with loving families and friends.

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  1. I like the depiction of 3 generations at the first photo. I'm happy that you had a happy birthday. I also wear anything with touch of red when it's my birthday.

  2. belated happy birthday.

    glad to see your mom with you this year.

  3. Cute ng first photo. So sweet. Hay, na-miss ko tuloy ang Nanay ko.

    Thank you for sharing these photos to us, ok na 'to kahit walang lunch or dinner :))


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