Airplanes and Outer Space

April 26, 2011

My Mom is here in Dubai for a visit and I feel how much she misses Papa back home :)

Earlier, Mama joined us in Turkey. Photo posts about the great place would have to wait because having just weekends of a month to take Mama around the UAE is sure challenging to blog in between. So far in three weekends, she saw the seven Emirates as well as most of Dubai's landmarks.

Meanwhile in Turkey, the Gremlin had four plane rides in all, and he insists to sit next the window. Every time, he draws airplanes and tells that we are in outer space. Oh li'l boys, how do you discuss Science? We told him that we're just above the clouds and outer space is still quite a distance away. Here's one of his sketches and can you tell where his outer space is?

Two airplanes, a sad moon, a seemingly star, and the outer space, as how a Gremlin sees it.

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  1. Your mama did beat me, until now 3 emirates pa lang ang nakita ko. ;)


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