Beautiful !

April 04, 2011

I'm just to too sleepy now, but it's still early, I hope it's not something to do with telling myself recharge and welcome back to reality! I'm trying to ward off worries of making up for the four days of missed work.

We just came back on a five-day trip and isn't it liberating forgetting all about other concerns than to appreciate the host place and survive being in there?


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  1. Sometimes, I need a vacation from a vacation. Great photos. I'm sure you'll cope up with work soon. For now, rest.

    I am looking forward to your vacation photos.

  2. Wooooow! Your photos are so nice. Welcome back to UAE! The hot months will kick off soon.

  3. Welcome back Bevs! Hopefully nakapagrest ka na ang ready for another gala :))

    Gumagaling ang mga kuha mo these days, mapacomposition man or anggulo. Keep clicking girl! Excited na ako to see your photos of Istanbul...for the meantime, hintay lang muna kami sa post mo.

  4. I agree, just beautiful!

    Btw, I'm your 19th fan in facebook


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