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Dubai from my lens - #1

May 20, 2011

It's another lazy weekend at home for us since the air outside offers free sauna at uncomfy 42 deg Celsius. So here I am with my 5th post for the month -- photos!

Early morning drizzle at Clock Tower, Deira Dubai in January. I am wishing it rains if that would give us respite from the scorching summer heat in the desert now.

Road Trips

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village and the Sheikh Khalifa Highway

May 06, 2011

After seeing the world's largest truck (HERE), we did a quick drive around Abu Dhabi's city center. We headed straight to the Heritage Village which located near the breakwater just past the Marina Mall. This is an open museum that provides an insight on the past sea and desert life of Abu Dhabi before the oil era changed the landscape into what we see now.

Inside the museum that tells of traditional dresses
A preservation showing the sea as a big part of earlier life

Road Trips

A Guinness - The World's Largest Truck

May 05, 2011

(P.S. There's a sudden surge in people googling below topic and reaching this page. I was just wondering if there's been something new in the news recently? Please do let me know in the "Read what others say" section at the bottom. Thanks heaps!)

We longed much to experience Liwa Oasis, the planet's biggest sand desert in Abu Dhabi but we werent as lucky last month as some sandstorm was looming as we head there. Instead of the earth's biggest sand desert, we saw the world's largest truck, a replica of a classic Dodge Power Wagon at the Emirates National Auto Museum, found along the way to Liwa.

The world's largest truck at Emirates Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi. Even someone as big as Mama is dwarfed by it.
 The museum houses some 200 car collections of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (also known as The Rainbow Sheikh) of unusual collection of predominantly 1950s to 1990s vehicles, including trailers, 4-wheelers, Mercedes limousines, 1950s American limousines, 1970s European limousines, racing cars prototypes, among others.

Filipinos in Dubai

Polo Dubai reminds about OECs

May 05, 2011

Just recently, I overheard two fellow Filipino colleagues here in Dubai chatting about the hassles they had in securing their OECs (Overseas Employment Certificate) from POEA back in the Philippines. Hence, when I saw below reminder from Dubai Polo being circulated, I thought of sharing it here:


Dear Sir/Madam:

This refers to the various email received by POLO and being circulated inquiring the new requirements of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) for our departing OFWs here in the UAE for their vacation leave to the Philippines.


Turkey tourism visa requirements from Dubai

May 05, 2011

Two months back (March 2011), we  checked the Turkish Embassy at the Dubai World Trade Center for visa requirements. As a Filipino, we're not as privileged to be among the countries exempt from visa or of countries who can obtain visa at any Turkish border gate (If you have searched and your nationality belongs on either list, you may not read on :) ). But I'm still glad our Turkey Tourism Visa can be issued by the consulate which can be claimed the next day.On my first visit, I got these information from the paper available at the reception. Be wary though that this is as of March 2011:


- Visa application timings are 10:00 - 12:00; Sunday to Thursday
- Make your visa application in person at least one week before you proceed to Turkey to avoid any inconvenience.
-Visa information and for different countries may be found here:
- Basic documentations for visa applications are:

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