Abu Dhabi Heritage Village and the Sheikh Khalifa Highway

May 06, 2011

After seeing the world's largest truck (HERE), we did a quick drive around Abu Dhabi's city center. We headed straight to the Heritage Village which located near the breakwater just past the Marina Mall. This is an open museum that provides an insight on the past sea and desert life of Abu Dhabi before the oil era changed the landscape into what we see now.

Inside the museum that tells of traditional dresses
A preservation showing the sea as a big part of earlier life

Protection by guns was also a thing of the past
After an enriching check of the museum, we walked to the back along the beach. With the corniche and towering buildings as a backdrop across the water, it was a relaxing place to watch jet-skiers take splashes against each other.

Where I had seen the most jet-skiers yet

Granny and grandson on the fine white sand
Some animals also share the1600 sqm village:

Can someone please identify this wonderful creation?
One can try the camel ride for some penny. We shelled AED 10

From the Breakwater, our handy Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority map was our guide out to E11 back toDubai via theSheikh Khalifa Bridge and Shahama-Saadiyat Highway. Here's a snapshot of our route. Looking at the map alone presents that the multi-laned highway with long bridges is a major infrastructure. I'm endlessly amazed at how this country is investing to be in the global scene of big developments.
From Heritage Village at the left (red arrow) towards E11 to the right via Sheikh Khalifa hiwghway (green arrow)
 For more of what's in store in Abu Dhabi, their official website at http://www.visitabudhabi.ae/ is a great help.

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  1. Hindi ko pa napuntahan yang museum na yan Bevs and hindi rin ako aware na meron pala sa lugar na yan. Dami talagang interesting places sa UAE na madalas hindi napapabalita, usually kasi yung mga tallest, largest, highest, biggest lang ang madalas makita at marinig.

    Ang na-noticed ko lang sa mga museums dito sa UAE, parang mga bago pa yung mga nakalagay, siguro hindi na talaga na-preserved ang mga original.

    Nice set of photos! Gusto ko tuloy magbeach :)

  2. I am happy and sad at the same time because through your posts I get to be more oriented about the places in Abu Dhabi (which I intend to visit a long time). Yet I'm near but seems so far to them. Heehee.


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