A Guinness - The World's Largest Truck

May 05, 2011

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We longed much to experience Liwa Oasis, the planet's biggest sand desert in Abu Dhabi but we werent as lucky last month as some sandstorm was looming as we head there. Instead of the earth's biggest sand desert, we saw the world's largest truck, a replica of a classic Dodge Power Wagon at the Emirates National Auto Museum, found along the way to Liwa.

The world's largest truck at Emirates Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi. Even someone as big as Mama is dwarfed by it.
 The museum houses some 200 car collections of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (also known as The Rainbow Sheikh) of unusual collection of predominantly 1950s to 1990s vehicles, including trailers, 4-wheelers, Mercedes limousines, 1950s American limousines, 1970s European limousines, racing cars prototypes, among others.

We were told that when we visited in April 2011, it was the 2nd or 3rd day that the museum started charging a fee after a long while that entry was free. Now, AED 50 per person is already charged. The Gremlin got in free.


From Dubai, keep driving along E11 with the signs towards Al Ghweifat, Tarif, Mafraq and Liwa. Get past the airport and Mafraq Hotel on your right. About 22 kilometers from Mafraq Hotel, take exit 306 onto E65 signposted Hameem.  Keep driving until the tip of a pyramid building comes to sight at the left.

Do check the museum's website at http://www.enam.ae/

The entrance to the museum

A number of military trucks is in, including this

The rainbow-colored Mercedez collection

Can you see me fit inside the tyre?

Globe replica trailer – built to a scale of 1 to a millionth of the actual
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  1. Grabe sobrang laki naman talaga nung truck! Sa gulong pa lang pag nasagasaan ka eh hindi ka talaga papakawalan :) Dami na ring hinahakot na Guinness World records ang UAE, madalas biggest, higgest and largest:)

    Nice captures Bevs. Kitang-kita ang luxury sa mga sasakyan na yan. Minsan naiisip ko sana yung mga ipinambili nila nyan idinagdag na lang nila sa sweldo ng mga mangagawa nila.

  2. wow, those are HUGE!


  3. Visited this place earlier.. but unfortunately, it was under construction.. We didn't see anything but the globe...

  4. I came here because I saw that this sheik is letting his name HAMAD written into sand in Abu Dhabi. So I googled him and came here.

  5. amazing truck, thanks for the info


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