Polo Dubai reminds about OECs

May 05, 2011

Just recently, I overheard two fellow Filipino colleagues here in Dubai chatting about the hassles they had in securing their OECs (Overseas Employment Certificate) from POEA back in the Philippines. Hence, when I saw below reminder from Dubai Polo being circulated, I thought of sharing it here:


Dear Sir/Madam:

This refers to the various email received by POLO and being circulated inquiring the new requirements of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) for our departing OFWs here in the UAE for their vacation leave to the Philippines.

Please take note that our requirements for OFWs who are applying for Balik-Manggagawa/OWWA and Pag-Ibig are as follows:
(Prior OFW departure in the UAE)

1) Personal appearance of the OFW/applicant strictly required;
2) Original passport
3) Fees: Aed 92 -OWWA / Aed 10- OEC/ Aed 10 -Pag-ibig
4) *For Household Service Worker (Housemaid) must provide Immigration Contract to be verified by POLO at Aed 40.00 with the standard salary of AED 1,500.0 or & $400.00

However, those OFWs who left UAE and FAILED to secure BM-OEC/OWWA & Pag-Ibig at POLOs they will proceed to their nearest POEA regional/satellite offices nationwide or at the Central Office in Ortigas. It is POEA Philippines who is requiring to submit the below mentioneddocuments to those applicants/OFWs who left the Philippines with UNDOCUMENTED STATUS ---- meaning departed the Philippines on VISIT VISA and after sometime found job/employment in the UAE.

We encourage all OFWs in UAE to secure their Balik-Manggagawa at POLO Dubai office in order to avoid the below mentioned which allegedly and reportedly required by POEA for processing documents, also considering that our vacationing workers has limited time to stay in the Philippines.

- Letter from the HR department
- Original Labor contract
- Copy of passport
- Copy of UAE residence
- Copy of Labor Card
- Company Commercial License

For information dissemination and guidance.



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  1. It's good that the organization is busy providing assistance for proper application.

  2. We Pinoys are working hard outside our country for the family back home, but this fees and regulation that is emplemented by our Goverment is realy bad. this is not helping at all. its indirect way of getting our hard earned money and in return we get nothing but pain and agony in processing this stupid rules and regulations. This is BAD.....


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