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The Most Behaved Gremlin and his KG2 Graduation

June 14, 2011

"I'm four years old!" will be the Gremlin's answer if you ask his age at least until the weekend when he turns a year older. While I'm not as excited as he is (well yes, this mom in me wants him the big baby still), the thought of growing up is my son's obsession/ goal/ source of gladness. For him it equates to strength and being able to do so many things like -- "When I grow up I'll drive a rocket-ship to outer-space?". He'll be the most obedient son for anything he has to do just to make him grow or to prove he's a grown-up, in lines like:

"Look, I'm eating my vegetables, I'm gonna grow bigger"
"Only babies cry, so I should not cry?" (so he stops whining.)
"I can carry heavy bags because I'm big!" (insisting to carry the heavy and big grocery bag)
"Big boys brush their teeth alone!"


Esepe in Bokod - nature beckons

June 11, 2011

My backpacking wishlist for countries to visit is growing longer, thanks to Natgeo Adventure, blog hopping and facebook. But I just came to my senses and shamefully realized I havent even hiked to most places within 100-kilometer radius of my birthplace. And there's the beauty of nature beckoning to behold! 
Over the weekend, the Husband posted photos of their visit to Lola Camoya, the Gremlin's paternal greatgrandma at Esepe, Bokod, Benguet. I can only narrate a second hand description since I'm yet to see the place. 

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