The Most Behaved Gremlin and his KG2 Graduation

June 14, 2011

"I'm four years old!" will be the Gremlin's answer if you ask his age at least until the weekend when he turns a year older. While I'm not as excited as he is (well yes, this mom in me wants him the big baby still), the thought of growing up is my son's obsession/ goal/ source of gladness. For him it equates to strength and being able to do so many things like -- "When I grow up I'll drive a rocket-ship to outer-space?". He'll be the most obedient son for anything he has to do just to make him grow or to prove he's a grown-up, in lines like:

"Look, I'm eating my vegetables, I'm gonna grow bigger"
"Only babies cry, so I should not cry?" (so he stops whining.)
"I can carry heavy bags because I'm big!" (insisting to carry the heavy and big grocery bag)
"Big boys brush their teeth alone!"

So what has he achieved so far? Although he went straight to Kindergarten 2, he graduated before he turned five years old and is now ready to join Grade One class come September. Yes he made it! He was not in the academic honors list, but he was the Deportment Awardee in their class along with a Most Behaved certificate. I posted his Most Behaved certificate on facebook and two comments made me grin:

The award was unexpected as we've always thought our son is a restless chatter box. Now if the award meant something for me, it was a message that I had been giving less attention to my son that there's much I don't know about him, and I'm missing track of his development. Did I? When my Mom visited us, she chided me that it's always my husband / the Gremlin's Dad who'd bathe him, prepare his clothes, check his teacher's memo, help him on his assignments, prepare his meal bag and attend school meetings. So the Gremlin's school achievement is his Dad's big achievement as well. Seeing then the Gremlin and his Dad march the awards stage made me a very proud Mom and Wife!

United International Private School (UIPS)'s Kindergarten 2 Moving Up Ceremony 28th May 2011 ,
Any graduation ceremony should not be missed. For me the Kindergarten 2 affair was a touching moment. The little boys and girls ran the show and they were amazing -- from reciting long lines of prayers and messages to performing well their fairy tale musicales. They went beyond their parents' expectations emphasizing the impression that kids can do more than their size could seem, and their parents' love and support will let them shine exceptionally.

By the way, a big thank you to the Kindergarten 2 teachers and teacher assistants of my son's school for bringing out the best in them. Thank you so much Teacher Aileen, Tita Ping, Tita Joan, Kuya Benjie, Teacher Paul. See you around UIPS again next school year :)

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  1. Congratulations to your son! You and your hubby are doing a great job. :)

  2. congratulations to the gremlin! you've got a beautiful family, i can tell you are a proud mommy

  3. I still remember that K2 was fun for me. I think parents shouldn't miss moments like this because it's like a big TY to them to.

  4. Congratulations to the Gremlin :). You post makes me think back of my K2 graduation. It's been so long and I feel

  5. hi congratulations to you guys! hurrayyy for your gremline


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