Igorots in the UAE

July 27, 2011

Kumusta kailyan? Have you reached this page searching for Igorots in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates)? Yes, there's lots of us here, and there's a core group that brings us together. The group has grown big that others formed subgroups to cater to specific geography or purpose. I can name a few I came across with. With the annual turnover in leadership, I guess the best mode of contact is by Facebook.
                            CORDILLERANS UAE
                            The core organization
                             Facebook link: Cordillerans Emirates, click here  

Igorot sub-orgs in the UAE:
                             BENGUET CHAPTER
                             Facebook link: Click here

                             KALINGA PROVINCE ORG - UAE
                             Facebook link : Click here

                             MOUNTAIN PROVINCE CHAPTER
                             Facebook link: Click here

                             IFUGAO GROUP
                             Facebook link: Click here

                             HIGHLANDERS GRP
                             a particular  group of kins from Mountain Province
                             Facebook link: Click here

                             GAWIS MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE
                             Facebook link : Click here

(Updated 11.11.2011)

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