In Al Ain, UAE -- the world's largest hanging flower baskets

July 25, 2011

After my posts on (1) worlds largest indoor ski (2) the world's tallest building, (3) the world's largest truck and (4) the world's heaviest ring comes the world's largest display of hanging baskets, this time in Al Ain, UAE.

We visited this garden set in Al Ain Paradise in April 2011 when there were 2968 hanging baskets landscaped in a 21,000 sqm park, an increase from year 2010 from 2426 baskets over a 7,000 sqm area.

Above is the park's Guinness World Records certificate for 2010, breaking their own record by 2011, as accounted for HERE by Guinness themselves.

For more information of their opening schedules for the year, do check them at

They're located at
            Building No. 1, Street No. 15,

            Sweifi District, Zakher Area
            Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

By the way, we intently searched the park after reading the accounts of blogger-friend Misalyn of (Thank you Jo, one checked on our list :) )

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  1. salamat sa info, akalain mong sa init ng panahon nakakapagbigay sila ng isang paraisong hardin sa isang lupang buhangin.

  2. hi beverly, are will definitely going to see this beautiful place when the temp starts to become human friendly hehehe

  3. so beautiful and elaborate. are these flowers native there?

  4. @Pamatayhomesick and @ Kayni -- Everyone wishes it's all year round, thing is, they take it out in summer. The flowers are not native there and I know they cannot survive in this plus 40 deg C weather...

    Salamat sa pagbisita...

  5. OMG! so beautiful! I wanted to visit this place for the longest time. I plan to go there this weekend but a colleauge told me it's closed for the summer (this early?). Nice shots btw!


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