A Guinness: World's heaviest ring

July 22, 2011

UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular) I reckon, is among the few places where one can find many Guinness World Records certificates in a day, this we realized when my mom was here in April for a visit. The prominent of course are Burj Khalifa - tallest building, Rose Rayhaan - tallest hotel, Ski Dubai - largest indoor ski resort, Dubai Mall - largest shopping center in 2008. And get even more surprised of the long list if you check the Guinness website.

We saw here the world's largest truck, and this time let's check the World's Heaviest Ring found at the Dubai Gold Souk.

Dubai's gold souk (souk is arabic for market) is a tourist hub itself. One need not plan to buy gold to come here, and the best time would be at night when the shop windows sharply reflect the golden hues.

However, the glimmer that amazed me pre-recession time seemed to have faded a bit with some of the endless lines of gold shops now got converted into groceries or the like. The window displays used to be like engaged in a splendour competition.

But it's still worth going, now to see the world's heaviest ring:

The Guinness certification says:
The world's heaviest gold ring is the Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba)
mounted with 5.17 kg of precious stones
set on 58.686 kg of 21 karat gold
with a total weight of 63.856 kg.

The certificate above took my curiosity to the next level, and I searched http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/ for other places or events that Dubai has reigned. Isnt the long list below overwhelming?
Largest shopping cart/ trolley
Largest collection box
Largest same name gathering - first name
Largest box of chocolate bars
Largest indoor ski resort
Largest parade of Mercedes-Benz cars
Largest awareness ribbon made of flowers
First hybrid of a camel x llama
Fastest time to complete a marathon on each continent (female)
Largest acrylic panel
Fastest time to type using the nose
Fastest game of Operation
Fastest text message in Arabic
Heaviest coin-like medallion
Fastest time to sort 30 M&Ms / smarties using chopsticks
Most sand moved with a teaspoon in 30 seconds
Fastest text message in Arabic blindfolded
Most clothes pegs held in the hand
Fastest time to type 1 to 50
Most shoelaces tied in a bow in one minute
Most CDs flipped and caught in one minute
Tallest man-made structure on land ever
Busiest airport for international passengers
Most different desserts on display
The largest ambulance
Most people opening bottles simultaneously
Tallest hotel
Largest shopping center (centre)
Most consecutive tennis ball touches using the feet in one minute
Tallest building
Longest television screen
Most cans crushed with a vehicle in three minutes
Most nail extensions made in 4 hours (team)
Greatest prize money for horse racing
Greatest prize money for horse racing, single race
Largest seashell mosaic
Most landmarks illuminated in 24 hours
Longest line of sandwiches
Highest swimming pool in a building
Most TV channels broadcasting the same programme simultaneously.
Highest BASE jump from a building
Most brands advertising on one single billboard
Fastest aircraft, civil
Fastest time to climb Burj Khalifa Tower unassisted (solo)
Most expensive magazine sold at an auction
Fastest swim short course relay 4 x 200 metres freestyle (male)
Fastest swim short course 200 metres medley (male)
Fastest swim short course 400 metres medley (male)
Fastest swim short course relay 4 x 200 metres freestyle (female)
Highest residential apartments
Longest driverless metro line
Largest collection of miniature landmarks

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  1. my gosh, that is huge and amazing. i bet that's well guarded.


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