Smoother drive from Dubai to Fujairah through Sharjah Kalba Road

July 31, 2011

I always dreaded driving from Dubai to Fujairah via E88 (Al Dhaid Road) and E89 after the Masafi junction. halfway to Fujairah, the road is two-laned and car speeds are at contrasting 60 kph to 160 kph with 20-wheeler trucks lining the way all days except Friday. Going back to Dubai, keeping on the right lane could be annoying with the bumpy path cracked by the heavy lories. Staying on the left on the hand exposes you to tailgating and flickering lights of oncoming speeding cars.

Until we came to know the Sharjah- Kalba Road accessible through Emirates Road. From Dubai as you approach the National Paints bridge, do not go up the bridge, but straight down. Just before the roundabout below the bridge, turn right to Maleha Road. This is the start of a smooth drive to Fujairah. It is a plain ride for the next 70 kilometers before the mountains start showing up, which is about another 50 kilometers of downward easy, enjoyable bends along the mountainside.

Along the way, you get treated to a 1.27 long tunnel (the longest in the middle east, and generously funded by the Government of Sharjah).
The 1.27 km Sharjah- Kalba tunnel as from Kalba

It's also two-laned but not a busy one, less cars and definitely not much of trucks.

Majority of the 70 kilometers drive is at 120 kph max speed while the mountainside drive is between 40- 80 kph. It takes about 30 minutes and about 10 kilometers additional time and drive, but for the easy drive, we well prefer it than the Al Dhaid Road.
From Kalba just past the 1.27 km tunnel

Near Wadi Al Helo

From Kalba, exiting the mountains to desert roadside

Along Maleha Road, speed at 120 KPH 

At the end of the road, Fujairah is to the left and Oman is to the right. (Check THIS LINK on our Dubai - Muscat road drive through this route.)

We plan on the taking the road next when we visit Hatta, and save us time from passing the Oman - UAE border.

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  1. thanks for this.. I always drive to the Diba, Oman and I always take the Al Dhaid. Rd. Thanks for this. I should try this road next time..

  2. Yep. A friend clued us in to the Sharjah-Kalba road a few months ago. A real blessing since we were in the process of moving from Dubai to Fujairah and had many trips to and from ahead of us! Always disliked the route through Dhaid & Masafi; road conditions and traffic always made for a dreaded trip. But the Sharjah-Kalba road is a delight to drive; the road condition is very good for most of the way, the traffic very light and the scenery the whole way is wonderful. It is a little bit of a longer drive than the usual route, but well worth the few extra minutes. Now when I have to drive in to Dubai, I only take the Dhaid-Masafi route if I am in a big hurry and it is daylight. Otherwise the Kalbe route is first choice. It will be interesting to see how the new "Dubai-Fujairah Highway" that provides a bypass between Fujairah and Maleha changes traffic patterns though.

  3. I really appreciate the way it is described in detail manner along with wonderful photographs... Thanks a lot and please keep this good work on.

  4. This friday we took the new Dubai-Fujairah Highway just to explore the road. The drive on the new road of 40 KM was very nice and scenic one. Always the trips to Fujairah was tiresome through Dhaid and Masafi, this time it was a piece of cake. Thanks to the authorities for a wonderful route. I request everyone to just go for a pleasure drive on this beautiful highway. Make sure you have enough fuel for your vehile as well as for you :)


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