And when I thought I was airport smart

August 22, 2011

I sent off the Big Gremlin to the airport this morning for his flight to a neighboring country. Yes, we're on a new adventure again. This time, to live apart some 30 minutes flying time, or five hours drive away. This will be our first time to work apart and we're still to know how we'll get adjusted to it. We're blessed to be in this generation though that communication is not really very costly. Even when Facebook video chat did not work today on my side (am not so sure if it has something to do with UAE's blocking of the VOIPs in the country as yet) we have our Etisalat landline subscription package that charges AED 0.50 for international calls, which is still pretty ok.

Back on my blog title, I remain curious why in the world are taxi fees so expensive when engaged from airports.

And here in Dubai's terminal 1, I thought I was smart enough. After exchanging hugs with my husband, I headed out to the bus stop along airport road. I thought a little walk and I'll save AED 17 (AED 20 airport flag down rate less AED 3 normal flag down rate) or  USD 4.63 if I avoid the cabs lined outside the arrival lounge.

At the bus stop it took awhile before an un-engaged cab pulled by (I was under the scorching heat all the time waiting). But heck! The radar-monitored meter still started at AED 20 flagdown. The cab driver pointed I was still at the airport perimeter.  Not so smart after all.

Oh well next time I could still be smarter, maybe I'll take the metro train instead from the airport. 

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  1. i agree. it's wonderful to be living this age that we're able to communicate online or the phone. i'm sure you'll both adjust.

  2. All the best para kay Arnel. Sana makapag adjust kaagad sya sa bagong lugar at kayo bilang pamilya.

    Naku! nangyari na rin yan sa akin Bevs kaya napapangiti ako habang binabasa ko 'tong post mo.

    Dami ko na-missed na mga posts mo. Naghihintay lang ako ng mahaba-habang off para maupuan ng matagal ang pagba-blog hop.

  3. oo nga dapat nag metro station ka nalang...

  4. tama metro would have been a smarter option, it happened to me too but that was when metro wasn't planned yet cheers here mwah!


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