Ash Shuwayhah Pools - Oman - A must drive

August 23, 2011

If you loved Hatta Pools and you are driving a 4X4, you're sure to love the challenge of Ash Shuwayya Pools even more! It's all about clear natural pools and driving on wet wadi bed even at the height of summer.

Ash Shuwayya is a drive  past Dubai's Hatta and towards Oman territory.

We routed through Hatta Pools --  Al Shuwayya -- E44 highway but the reverse route starting from E44 is also an option.

That's the most the car can access at the rougher path to Ash Shuwayhah

The Gremlins wishing I agree they dip in the clear waters. With the rough route, this is less visited. The Big Gremlin said he can clearly see the bottom as compared to Hatta's pools. 

The big rocks forming gorges and trapping water. It now looks like naturally mazed pool.  

Mr Ali, also from Dubai on the other side. He and his dog Cindy frequent the place for swimming and he knows the easy access route.

Give your tyres a break :)

Yup, this is in the desert region and at the middle of summer

No, it isn't the camera that's tilted :)

Just for a show in a region you seldom have the chance. The Big Gremlin asked me not to stop him abruptly, applying the brakes in these wet gravel path can sink the tyres in.

A tranquil track, not a single car other than us that time.  With the low mountains around us, we felt like driving on the moon :)
On the way out to the tarmac road heading to the UAE-OMan border. It was an 8.5 kilometers drive on the open wide wadi with light tracks to follow.

I think summer is a great time to drive to these wet wadis (provided the car runs well and one's well equipped and well supplied) as the chance of rain is less. These wadis could be dangerous during overcast, rainy or cloudy skies because of the threat of flash floods. Somewhere I repeatedly read how amazingly a flood of water would suddenly gush from nowhere flowing through wadi beds.



Husband had pinned a driving direction map on Google Maps, please CLICK ON THIS LINK for the directions, zoom in and out to follow.

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  1. Ganda! Konting tiis na lang ate Bevs, malapit na akong makarating ng Oman.

  2. napintas manang.. ipasyar dakami man dita.. hehe

  3. did you not take a dip in the water? it looks so refreshing. this is a must see.

  4. Hi,

    is there any way that can you send me the routs to the Ash Shuwayhah Pools. or semd me your contact i can call you


  5. Hi,
    would like to do this trip on Friday. Could you send me your contact so I can get some infos?
    055 182 40 25

  6. Hi (055 182 40 25),

    So sorry, had not called you back on time, I hope you still made it, or if not, here's a link for the driving directions pinned by my husband on Google Maps, please copy below path and paste to a new browser:

    Notice that the pin stopped at the riverbed, this is because google maps wont allow continuing on the wadi (river bed). As soon as you reached this point, take the left (right side of the page if you are looking map right now).

    Happy driving! with lots of care...

    1. Please note that the passing that the way through Hatta Pools might be closed to non-locals now, so we suggest entering through the border after Shell Petrol Station.


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