Baguio: Mountains of Houses

August 02, 2011

I am sharing in this post photos around the community that nurtured me for 23 years.

My parents' home is somewhere in the middle. Upper-mid: Irisan Dumpsite. Lower mid: the stunning rocks on Tacloy's compound. Not seen on lower left is a natural cave contributing as a tributary to the Asin stream/ creek.   

A closer look: Asin Road has stunning rock formations, many of which had been quarried  to level out  or secure constructed  houses or roads.

The white patch is Irisan dumpsite, where the city's garbage go. Just some distance away on the lower left is a  natural subterranean water  source supplying several communities, even some kilometers away, including us. 

Ben Cab's Museum, Km 7 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet

Oh this, I'm sorry I'm not too sure, but it seems somewhere Suello Village and Marcos Highway

Mountain top : San Carlos Heights and Quezon Hill. Middle to lower: Km 4 Asin Road
It would have been too great if someone could have taken photos of the same areas 50 years ago, which would be more exciting to see. As our great-grandparents and grannies would tell, this mountain used to be covered in trees and narrow dirt roads were used only by a few buses or cars. It was only until the recent decades that the cool climate of this mountain city had invited overpopulation that houses had replaced the trees. At this time, owning a piece of space in this part of the earth is costing a fortune.

(For anyone who needs high resolution copy/ copies of these photos, do leave me a message below)
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  1. I can feel the breeze and height just by looking at your beautiful photos.

  2. What type of rock is in the first picture?


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