Belly Dancing and a Desert Night Camp in Dubai

August 08, 2011

After summer got over last year, we joined a fundraising activity through a desert night camping in Dubai's outskirts.
Belly dancing is usually part of Dubai's desert activities, including after desert safaris.
The Gremlin's excitement turned to fear as total darkness (except a few car lights) ensued. Dubai's trademark of light posts lined roads had not reached the camp. But after seeing the lights again, the Gremlin's gremliness cannot be contained -- running around and playing with the sand.

The night's activity was highlighted by a belly dancer's performance.

The dancing girl was so graceful and energetic, and I mean she wow-ed everybody for soo long a time! 
Belly Dancer's act - balancing the sticks

The artist turned her hair untiringly, continuously and yet not getting dizzy

If I can just have even the graceful arms and fingers *^* wishful*^*

We had our tent up and called it a night by 2 am, while the other campers continued their merry making. At sunrise, it was a great chance to see the rays rise up the low desert dunes.

CLICK HERE for more of the pictures of graceful dancing and the desert camp. 

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