Benihana in Dubai - How do you toss a knife?

August 24, 2011

The Benihana issue in Kuwait turned now into an isolated  incident, and if I was not a blogger, I think I would not have known as much. In Dubai, the crowd I saw last night in Benihana, Al Bustan Rotana came for the  different dining experience. It's not a prominent location in the hotel but patrons poured in.

I have taken a video of Chef Oliver showing his knife-tossing skills behind the teppanyaki grill. He spoke   most of the time while cooking and if you listen, he was giving different names to his ingredients, like referring to the prawns as mosquitos. He attended to our table for about an hour.

( If someone objects to my posting this, please flag me =) )

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  1. wow sosyalin! saan ka po ba sa dubai...ako'y nasa gilid-gilid lang ng deira...tayo na't mag EB at ng ma i-treat mo me dyan! lels :D

  2. Hi @iya_khin,

    taga-gilid gilid din kami ng Deira. Oo nga masaya ang EB, pero parang kailangan ko pang magprepare kasi nakakaconscious ma-meet mga kasamang bloggers, hehe.

    Oo nga e susyal, nilibre din kami sa trabaho, hehe.

    Pero di bale pag nagkita tayo meron namang mga buy-one-take-one Entertainer vouchers kami (kuripot ba, haha)


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