Cooling down at Wild Wadi

August 07, 2011

The sun shines 365 days a year here in the sandpit, and heats the outdoors to more than 40 deg Celsius half of that time.

At this time, the waterparks are the most welcoming. Of all of UAE's waterparks we've visited, we prefer Wild Wadi the best. (Followed by Aquaventure at Atlantis, Dreamland, and last would be Iceland)

We had twice visited Wild Wadi and here are some photos from our first visit. That was when the Burj Surj and Tantrum Ali was still under construction.

We like Wild Wadi because the compact area has many rides ranging from relaxing to daring. I like most the Master Blasters because I need only to cue once and just lazily cling to the rubber ring for a roller coaster ride managed by the water jets.

Burj Al Arab: Peeping through symmetrically. I love this pix!

Wild Wadi with Jumeirah Beach Hotel at the background 

Still on the Burj Al Arab Beach

The wavy pool

Against Burj Al Arab 

The Buj Surj and the Tantrum Ali still under construction. I should replace it with the constructed ones :-)

Jumeirah Sceirah!

Kids own this :)

Out the dark hole

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