Gremlin to date

August 10, 2011

And the Gremlin:

-- dives the shallow pool water and swims about 3-4 meters without floating support
-- got over his fear of swimming after seeing his little cousins show off their diving skills
-- is the Angry Birds master at home
-- currently talks about pushing the button on the fighter plane to release bombs
-- still rarely behaves when asked to sit, playing his dad's phone keeps him still
-- improved on his writing. Takes my notesbooks and pens from my bag.
-- is always threatened not to swim if he's misbehaving
-- gets irritated when referred to as baby
-- insists he's a big boy and 'big boy' are magic words to let him do things
-- needs a social group to teach him the sense of sharing
-- got over his intense fear on fire
-- gave Paint a backseat, opens Word and Excel, exploring typing and editing senselessly and inserting pictures
-- still loves Atlantis, not on youtube though, but on
-- wants to have his drum set. Taps his hands to drum beat on the sound of music.
-- drives his bike on two wheels. He needs a bigger bike now that he'd grown taller
-- his pants bought last year are now hanging above his ankles
-- loves Rio
-- does not cry of needles. Got many rabies vaccine shots on his Jun-11 dog bite.
-- he loves hugging dogs and laughs while pulling their tails, even after he got bitten.
-- is 115 cm at 20 kgs
-- still skips "..give us this day our daily bread..." on his night time prayers
-- hates being laughed at by strangers
-- does not like anything minty

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