Hatta Dam

August 20, 2011

 Back at Hatta Fort Hotel's toilet is this 'unusual' note:

So much so that where water flows out of the land, it becomes a welcome scenic sight. For one, we checked the Hatta Dam's reservoir.

Hatta dam reservoir as seen from the view deck

From Hatta Heritage village, a drive to the left of the mosque and turning right at the intersection, would lead to one of Hatta's Dam. Reaching the end of the road, we thought the sign meant end of the road if to drive further right, it was however a T-junction. What's nice here is the car gets to drive up a short steep road to the view deck.

The road climb up Hatta Dam's view deck.

At the view deck of Hatta Dam

The Hatta Dam spillway

And last but not the least of my Hatta Dam's photos comes (drum roll please) the Gremlin's doodle:

From his Ambuklao Dam concept, his dam doodles always include the depth level markers.

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  1. Gremlin's doodle looks cute. And that water level looks scary! Masyado nang mababa. I wonder where would the dam be in Kuwait! O baka puro water conversion plants lang meron dito. Got to check it out!


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