Hatta Fort Hotel

August 26, 2011

It was almost 5pm when we reached Hatta last weekend. We left Deira mid afternoon for fear of driving under the scorching midday sun. But by 5pm I declined to drive further, the thought of leaving the mountains under the moon light scared me. The sky was hazy and that would obscure the bright night light, I thought).

The Hatta round-about along the Dubai-Hatta highway. Taken from Hatta Fort Hotel's view deck.

I did packed swimming clothes (for Hatta Pools) and food good for two meals but not the camping gears. That's when we decided to dial Hatta Fort Hotel . We crossed our fingers they offer cheaper rates since it's mid summer. Luckily they charged AED 450 net including breakfast (peak rate is AED 800+ I was told).

A home-y atmosphere. The cobblestone walls and wooden ceilings made me feel like I was back home in the mountains. 
The weather was pleasing in Hatta in contrast to the hot and humid mainland Dubai we escaped.

After checking-in we headed to the Rock Pools. It operates until 7pm so we spent an hour there. I love the  water falls with a calculated pressure giving a nice back massage underneath =) but I think both the Gremlins loved it even more.

The Rock Pools. The low height halfway until the marker was perfect for the Little Gremlin.

As we were actually making the most before the Big Gremlin settles outside the UAE, the terrace was  a perfect place as we cozily sat and chatted that night.

Late night unwinding

Another home-y terrace setting

The hotel spans a wide well-landscaped area, amidst the Hatta mountains backdrop. 

Day visitors are allowed at a fee which is "redeemable against food and beverage on the premises"

One wing of chalets taken atop the Rock Pools
After breakfast the next day, we headed to Hatta Pools (click here). It took us longer than planned that as soon as we reached Dubai borders I called reception if we could have a late checkout at 1pm. Thankfully we were allowed.

We continued our drive after checkout, highlighted by our Ash Shuwayhah drive (click here).

If the hotel was setup to cater as base to Hatta Pools visitors, it also is in itself a tourist haven worth checking. It offers other activities and places for kids and adults alike.

For more of my photos, do click here.

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