Hatta Pools at mid-summer

August 30, 2011

Hatta is a popular destination among UAE residents who crave for the sight of mountains and natural water pools. The community, along with the dam is located in Dubai's territory, however the pools are found within Oman.

At the height of summer, it's a welcome sight to see water flowing through. Also, it was not humid (even when Dubai was) making it fine exploring the place further. Its the rock formations that were most amazing and one can just imagine it would have taken millions of years before it evolved to what it is now.

It was a hazy morning when we reached there and photos are not as good as when having blue skies.

For our Dubai- Hatta-Ash Shuwayhah itinerary,  please do check here.

The most prominent pools nearest to the falaj 

Big boulders

Interesting irregular rock crevices with water flowing at its base. 

Another interesting long rock formation

You know you went to the right place (Hatta Pools) if you park your car along the falaj (water management system)

It's a long gravel road drive to reach Hatta Pools after the tarmac.  

An abandoned huge house in Dubai Hatta before the border.

The UAE-Oman border demarcation fence heading to Hatta Pools

Along the road to Ray after Wadi Khamis

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  1. Hatta is an enclave of Dubai and must see. Hatta Pools is nestled in the Hajar Mountains and its main attractions are its relatively cool, dry climate and the mountain scenery.

    It could be best expierience to swim through the narrow rock corridors with plunging waterfalls.

    For great Pool services contact poolsrusdubai.com

  2. Sarap siguro magtampisaw sa tubig :) Mukhang hindi ko kakayanin ang ganyang lakaran at akyatan, puro bato eh ;)

    Ang gandang pagmasdan ng rock formations. Magandang lugar para sa isang kakaibang nature photography.

  3. plz can i take the GPS Coordinate


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