Iceland Waterpark and Acacia Hotel

August 13, 2011

(P.S. This page had recently been landing in searches, if you're looking to better compare Iceland with the other waterparks, please do also check my posts here: WILD WADI and AQUAVENTURE. Again I think, the value in money of going to Iceland is when it comes free with a hotel stay).

Summer in the sandpit could sure drive people away, but it also means that there more hotel promotions that equates low rates + pools + water parks + breakfasts. We were in Atlantis last week, and now we just came home from Acacia Hotel and Iceland Waterpark in Ras Al Khaimah.

At AED 330 net, two persons can have a room, buffet breakfast and complementary entry tickets to Iceland Waterpark. Isn't that a great deal? For having a five year old (three Iceland tickets, three buffets), we had a junior suite for AED 440 net.

When Iceland opened in Ras Al Khaimah last year, we found the AED 225/ adult and AED 175/ child rates expensive. They were not on our Entertainer (buy-one-free-one) vouchers book and I was hoping to come across a promotion.


Since it's summer, the waterpark has extended evening hours. Last night, a weekend, the lifeguard said they're up until 1 am. We went at 5pm when the sun was down and left 10pm. The high humidity (I sweat real wet)  did not really matter. The waters were warm, except for the Penguin Falls.

Somebody who just came from either Wild Wadi and Aquaventure is not to find The Rapids, Torrent River, Master Blasters, and the dares of Burj Surj and Tantrum Ali.

Even without these, the Husband thinks Iceland's Plunge Point made his knees tremble more than Aquaventure's Leap of Faith. Plunge Point gets the thrill seeker to jump five meters down a 3.34 meters high pool. Of course, the faint-hearted-me-who-cant-even-jump-on-a-meter-high-pool just watched and cheered.

Iceland's quality is in the number of rides. I found it tiring though to pace the stairs up each time. Oh, if they only have interconnected rides to cater to the lazy-us. Or a pulley to bring us up the top, like those in Aquaventure (again, laziness).

By the way, Filipino food is now available in The Platter's Kusina Ni Nanay, I hope they make good business.


Iceland's walkways are covered by rubber mats which slightly feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, some areas are painted and I found them slippery as I tiptoed fast when they were a little burning hot. Some of the water pools were painted with blue and are were scraping/ chipping out. The Gremlin's toes and knees used them a lot, and he had his skin blue :)


The Gremlin enjoyed the night of course.

More of my photos: click here



Acacia Hotel from E311

This hotel is found within the Ras Al Khaimah industrial zone, catering mostly to business travelers. For those who wants the pool minus the sun's heat, it's best to use it before 11am when the building's height can still give a good cover.

Overheard: 'Ang lakas ng loob'

The Gremlin sketching a view from outside

Acacia's Junior Suite

Acacia Hotel's Lobby
Iceland Waterpark

Iceland Waterpark

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  1. Hi, seeing this article with positive feedback about Acacia Hotel and it's attractive package including Iceland Waterpark really caught my interest.

    Just wanted to reconfirm with you if you happen to visit the place long before 'coz the article is dated August 13,2011 about 3 weeks ago if i'm not mistaken.

    I called Acacia Hotel for their rates, seems that the rates you actually mentioned are not the same. Were you able to avail further discount?

    Please let me know... my friends & i were actually planning to go there next week. Your reply would help us decide which hotel to stay.


  2. Hi,

    I think the offers vary period by period, please do contact Acacia Hotel directly.

    I checked though their website just now, and the Iceland promo is back from 7th Sept11 to 30th Sept11. ( )

    Btw, the feedback was basically for the value of money we had which was great. It was also an added bonus that Iceland operated until late at night since it may be uncomfortable staying at the waterpark under this hot weather. Going to Iceland and/or staying at Acacia Hotel and paying the normal rates individually (undiscounted) may result to a different review.


  3. Thanks for your prompt reply... It did help us a lot!

    We're actually all set to go there this coming weekend, we just made our reservation also with Acacia Hotel.

    So excited to explore the place and soon to mark as one of our great experience in UAE.

  4. Indeed the offers vary period by period coz i spoke to one of Iceland's guest relation team and asked whether the evening hours of the waterpark are still extended like u said until 10pm(lifeguards till 1am)unfortunately, its only open till 8pm now..nevertheless, we have decided to go ahead and experience the fun with our friends this weekend.

    I'm also thrilled by the idea of availing this packages which Acacia and Iceland are offering...I surely hope this experience will be a blast and would love to share it to my friends and colleagues after this fun-filled weekend... RAK here we come! (^_^)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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