Jollibee Chicken Joy and a Pancake Breakfast Joy please?

August 01, 2011

Would you agree that you'd come to your senses to know you've been away too long from home when (1) you cannot recall how much is your favorite fastfood chain meal, and/ or (2) you get too surprised to see how much it now costs?
Jollibee Breakfast Joys. The Pancake meal was about PhP 30 seven years ago

The highest inflationary jump I think was when I went on vacation five years ago after being away for 20 months from the Philippines. I felt like commodity prices increased 50% while others had doubled. The last four years have somehow witnessed breaks on increasing costs.

Jollibee Yum Burger - PhP 62,  Spaghetti - PhP 57, Palabok - PhP 77

One piece Chicken Joy with Rice - PhP 89  
If it was seven years ago, I'd find above prices above my means. But now, I blow off my overspending guilt by converting the prices to Dubai's currency and comparing it to buying the same here in Dubai which are obviously more expensive.


Jollibee is also available in Dubai, but I wish they adopt the home-ly Jollibee identity ( like tender juicy chicken, finger-licking-good gravy).  Prices are usually cheap if without drinks so our orders are usually on 'take away' / 'take out' and enjoyed in the car along with water or soda bought in the nearby grocery ^-^

Jollibee locations in Dubai:

In Karama :
Ministry of Health Bldg, Trade Center  Road Beside Pizza Hut
Tel 04-396-6999

In Satwa:
Al Dhiyafa Road, Satwa

In Dubai Media City
Ground Floor, Building # 10, BBC World Building, Al Sufouh Road

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  1. I also wish the same that Jollibee is how it is like in Pinas or Saudi, here in Dubai it is so boring to look at it even a Jollibee statue stands outside the door

  2. I tried twice from Jollibee Dubai, it was satisfying for a short time. Until hanap-hanapin na yung lasang Pinas talaga. I agree, ever increasing ang presyo sa atin.

  3. the prices are ke-razy! but it looks like more people can afford it now though. and you're right, six years ago, i would not have been able to afford the prices! jollibee in dubai is disappointing to say the least.


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