Lost Chambers at Atlantis

August 08, 2011

Dubai boasts the Dubai Mall Aquarium as one of the world's largest/ best aquariums. It houses 33,000 living animals. Yet, there's also Lost Chambers in Atlantis at The Palm that's home to 65,000 marine animals. Lost Chambers ranks 58th in Lonely Planet's 468 list  of things to do in Dubai. 
A cylindrical fish tank welcomes visitors at the entrance of Lost Chambers
What adds making this place interesting is the backdrop itself, set in the 'mysterious ruins of Atlantis, lost for thousands of years deep beneath the sea'. The dimly lighted alleys and halls and their spooky props sometimes attract attention more than the fishes until one comes near the glass panels.

On the marine animals, I was most fascinated with the pinkish translucent jellyfishes, the lobsters, and Nemo!

We had complementary access over the weekend so I have photos to share.

Do check THIS LINK for more photos.

Hi big fish, how old are you? See I'm big too ~ the Gremlin at Lost Chambers, Atlantis

Hello there Mr Stingray

Lost Chambers

Opens daily 10:00am to 10:pm
Phone : +971 4 426 000

Kids normally pay AED 70 and adults AED 100. But check for occasional promotions and complementary vouchers check updated rates here . Room paying guests of the hotel (Atlantis) can get in for free.

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