Must do at Hatta and Ash Shuwayhah Pools: Jump, Splash, and Play

August 19, 2011

At long last we made it to Hatta with further exploring of Oman. I have a whole lot of photos to post and I start with these:

First up: the Big Gremlin performing the signature Hatta pools plunge for himself. (He objected posting his photos. Reason? Tummy :))

Surveying the depth

Preparing to jump

And go! 

Mumbling a prayer for 2 seconds

Hoping he wont hit hard the bottom


And swim! Happy :-)
How about the Gremlin:

He played tadpole and fish catching.

But the creatures were slimy to grab, so played find-this-stone-under instead

The Gremlins were not satisfied so we searched the way to Shuwayhah Pools. We had company, Mr Ali, who insisted they join him swim since the pools are at their best. "Sorry, but we have to head back home now" I answered at the Gremlins' dismay. Mr. Ali smiled and said "Women are buzzy".

Next up: Mr Ali and Cindy:

I agree, Al Shuwayhah pools are enticingly clear and clean

Natural Pools: unchlorinated natural architecture

Gremlins to Cindy: See you here again next time, enjoy!

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  1. I really liked your site. Where is this Ash Shuwayhah Pools place Hatta or Oman how far from dubai

    can share the road map and other details will love to there is the water still there

    1. Thank you Shahab.

      Ash Shuwayhah is already Oman territory and a short drive from Hatta Pools. The UAE Offroad Explorer book was our great guide when we went there. This book is available even in Carrefour apart from the major bookstores in the malls.


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