Of Ajman UAE and its Traffic Signals

August 13, 2011

We just arrived from Ras Al Khaimah today via E11 (summer is at it's peak and we thought taking E11 is safer than E311, Emirates Road. We even stopped by a fellow traveler who flagged us. He borrowed a jack to fix his flat tire.)

E11 traverses the emirates of Sharjah and Ajman between Dubai and RAs Al Khaimah. This road is a good orientation of the different driving skills required in each Emirate. In Ajman, the traffic signals are quite different. There are digital screens doing countdowns and telling the driver how many seconds are left -- that you could cross if it's green; that you should wait if it's red.

The Husband at first thought this is cool, but just until  today when he was speeding on the open road. He was too used in Dubai where we chuckle on "jumping on yellow light". In Dubai, green traffic lights blink, turns yellow before finally it's red. In Ajman, the green lights count 3-2-1, and it immediately turns red.

Lesson learned: Keep in mind that in Ajman, there is no green light blinking and yellow lights to signal slowing down. Slow down to stop on count five if speeding and there is still 50 meters to sprint.  

A digitally clocked traffic signal in Ajman


On another note, here's some photos I took as we drove in Ajman:
These architectures give a consistent outlook for Ajman

Residential villas and one-two storey buildings line some of the roads in Ajman

Notice the availability of sandy areas used as parking in Ajman

Radisson Ajman in the far end

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  1. I think Ajman signal countdown is pretty cool, you have the visual sense of it, I guess you are expected to stop when it is like 5 seconds just like the yellow light counterpart.


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