Shiva (Hindu) Temple in Dubai

August 05, 2011

Situated near Dubai Museum in an inconspicuous alley is a Shiva temple. It wasnt easy to find it, it just happened that the Indian woman was graceful to show us through.

This unassuming path leads to the Shiva temple by the creek in Bur Dubai
We found our way through further narrow alleys until we reached the a three level house, where we had to leave our shoes and walk up the stairs barefeet. On the second level we found mostly men with headscarves squatted on the floor with their food. We continued to the stairs on the left and up to the main worship temple. Everyone's head, children exempted, needs to be covered before entering. But since we didnt have anything to cover ours , we had to use the common/ shared scarves available before the door. 

We entered gate #4, and the only requirements for non-hindus to enter is to ascend the stairs with bare feet, and adults have to cover the head. If you are visiting, you might want to bring your own hanky, otherwise, you could use the scarves shared.
 Entering inside the temple, we see many statues and pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses around, to which worshipers would approach to kiss and say their prayers.

A Hindu goddess' statue
After the courtesy, we head out, left the scarves and passed through a separate exit on the second level where there were really huge food pots. We headed back to the first level's entrance to get and put back on our shoes.

It was an interesting experience to see how other people do their worship, and there's this mutual respect to their beliefs.

You can check more photos we took, you may see this link.

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  1. The image of the statue above is Lord Ganesha's statue. Its not a "Goddess". Kindly edit the same.


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