Top Things To Do and See around and near Baguio

August 01, 2011

"Tagasaan ka sa atin?" is a familiar question among Filipinos acquianted outside the country. My answer "Sa Baguio kami" would usually invite the reaction "wow, ang sarap ng weather doon!".

But of course there's more to weather to enjoy Baguio and it's neighboring areas for. I have created my list below, of course still skewed to places I usually frequent or pass by. Please drop me a comment if you have something to share:

1. Catch scenic mountain views via Kennon Road's twists, stopping by the Lion's head
2. Get a feel of residing in the mountains.Drive from Quezon Hill - Tacay Road - Tam-awan -  Longlong - La Trinidad.
3. Drop by Tam-awan Village
4. Head to La Trinidad strawberry fields
5. Check the mummies and Benguet's past at the Benguet Museum (Benguet Capitol)
6. Stop for a Black Midnight Cake at Cranberry in La Trinidad (Km 4)
7. See how houses sprout about steep mountain sides along Km 4 La Trinidad
8. Go up Bell Church in La Trinidad (Km 3)
9. For the gastronomically adventurous, try dog meat at Lakandula Street
10. Get an Igorot woven fabric and more at Easter Weaving (Guisad Road)
11. Trek Mount Sto. Tomas
12. Go caving at Crystal Cave
13. Visit the Asin Road Woodcarving village (km 3 to Km 6)
14. Appreciate paintings and see old Ifugao artifacts at Ben Cab Museum (Km 7 Asin Road)
15. Hang your life on a line, try the zipline at Neverland (Nangalisan, Asin Road, Benguet)
16. Splash then check the mini zoo at Riverview water resort
17. Feel the benefits of natural hot sulfuric water at Asin Hot Springs Resort (Nangalisan, Benguet)
18. Get a view of the mining sites at Itogon, then drop by the swimming resorts
19. Take a Balatoc Mines tour
20. Back at Session Road, put arts and food together overlooking Burnham Park at Oh My Gulay at La Azotea
21. For a swipe of the mountain city's vista, head up to the terraces of SM Baguio
22. See more of Baguio's past, and items of Igorot culture and tradition at the Baguio Museum
23. Go up the Baguio City hall by Abanao Road then back taking left down through Kayang Street.
Prominent Top Attractions of Baguio
1. The Mansion House
2. Wright Park - Stairs and Horse Riding
3. Botanical Garden
4. Mines View Park
5. Camp John Hay
6. Philippine Military Academy
7. Burnham Park
8. Lourdes Grotto
9. Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary
10. Japanese Garden
11. Teachers Camp

For more detailed information, this site could well help:

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  1. Great list :). I think I've done a lot of these and I'm putting my to do list the one I haven't done. I owe it to my dad who took me all over Baguio as a young kid. I hated Kennon Road though. I always get nauseous during the drive :(.


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