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August 24, 2011

Admittedly, most of fellow Filipinos who came to Dubai entered through visit visas. 

Seven years back, I was offloaded on my first scheduled flight coming here because I did not have a notarized Affidavit of Support. This was a new requirement implemented a day prior to my flight that resulted from the Angelo dela Cruz  (remember the celebrated Iraq truck driver?) issue. It was costly to resend my visa back and forth for the affidavit but that's how things were.

This requirement was reinstated for more than a year now after having been done away for some years.

Personally, I'm willing to pay for the fee (AED 100) if it can make a difference to the consulate's treasury, but I honestly dislike the need to visit the consulate for the so-called "appearance". I needed to take a half-day off and spend additional AED100 for cabs.

I still see some missing pieces in it's implementation if indeed this was suppose to curb human trafficking. Anybody can still sign for someone not related, and it's just up to the visa holder to be smart in front of the immigration officers.

Anyways, I have scanned the Affidavit of Support template I got from the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai which can be downloaded. Some were inconsistent in regards the attachments but which  include: Affiant's passport copy with visa page, Affiant's labor card copy, Affiant's employment contract or proof of salary, Subject's passport copy and visa. Someone I met at the  immigration (DNRD) processed the affidavit even without the Subject's visa yet. She did this  to avoid the hassles of the two-three weeks waiting time on receiving back the affidavit from the consulate. 

Affidavit of Support template

When I filed one earlier, I encoded the contents and my personal information  have been cleanly printed as well:




(For the Visit of Family Relation)

I, ________________________________, of legal age, Filipino citizen, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and state that:

  1. I am gainfully employed or engaged in business, holding a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates, with the following pertinent contact, employment, and visa information:

Passport No.

Date Issued

Place Issued

Residence Visa Number

Date of Expiry


Telephone No.

Mobile No.

Employer/ Office Name


Telephone No.

  1. I am sponsoring the visit of  ____________________________________, of legal age, Filipino citizen with Philippine passport bearing number___________________ herein referred to as ‘subject’ who is my _________________.
  1. I guarantee that I shall provide all financial support to pay for the food, accommodation, travel including airfare for return to the Philippines, medication and hospitalization, and other expenses, debts, and obligations incurred but not limited to immigration fines and penalties of the Subject;
  1. I guarantee that the Subject shall not be in any way or manner whatsoever a public burden or ward in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or any country enroute from  or to the Philippines;
  1. I guarantee that the Subject shall not stay in the UAE for a period longer than the number of days allowed by the UAE Immigration authorities; and,
  1. I guarantee that the Subject is visiting the UAE entirely for tourist and recreation purposes and is not visiting the UAE for: (1) employment, (2) to seek employment, or (3) to transit via the UAE to another country where deployment of Filipino nationals is restricted or where deployment requires clearance or endorsement of relevant government departments and agencies in the Philippines.



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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this. My girlfriend was denied exit this week to come visit me in Europe, even thought she had a Schengen visa, and that we had to file an affidavit with the police here for her to get the visa!

    The only time I have EVER heard of citizens not being allowed to leave their own country was under Communism. I understand they want to protect people, but when honest people are impacted, it is not good. Cost me $500 to reschedule all the fligths. And we still don't know if they will let her fly.

    I asked the Philippine Emnbassy here if they had a affidavit form I could use, they said no. So thank you so much for posting this. I need something that the jerks at immmigration will recognize. My girlfriend was crying, and even another immmigration officer said to let her go. But the one interviewin her said no -- no reason, just no.

  2. sometimes, you'd think they are just doing these things for fun... i have a sister coming to visit on September, and i was told i need to give her this affidavit to prevent her being offloaded. Personally, i think this is such a waste of time and money, when you already have a visa issued by the receiving country (and please take note this is UAE, laws are much stricter here.

    1. actually when i entered dubai eye scanning center at the immigration, i showed them all my papers including that affidavit of support. the immigration official told me to keep all those papers and all he need is my visa and passport...

  3. can someone advise me as I am having problem in inviting my mum and brother to come and visit us in uae. because of this so called affidavit of support and guarantee even we already have a visa given by uae immigration. the trouble is both me and my husband have a british passport ang can't make sense on why do we need to do this affidavit which only states for Filipino citizen.

  4. hi, can i use "fiance" for the affidavit of support?


    actually iam Middle eastern citizen , my fiancé was here working in Dubai with me in the same company but she found another job in other company ,,so she had to make exit from the country and comeback to inter with the new visa, so i advised her to make the exit to the Philippine and relax there since the new visa needs 2 weeks more to be ready , but i never expect in my life that there still country in the world that not allowing her citizens to travel to another country and they make what called this fucking immigration interview before only one hour of the flight time to be sure that the citizen he paid for the airplane ticket so at the same time any lost will happen it will from the citizen money not from the economy ,because everyone knows that all the countries in the worlds depend in their economy on the airlines to get the money ,so since the Philippine government are not allowing their r people from travelling outside witch will be big loss for the government economy so the only solution to let the citizen pay for the visa and all the expenses of all the documents and beside the airline ticket and before the flight 1 hour after be sure that the citizen had paid all the expenses ,,in that time only they will offload him ........

    now my questions for the careless government :

    • why you are not making the fucking immigration interview before at least 3 days of the flight time so there is no lost will happened to the citizen whom your job as government to help him and support him not to insult him and let him or her to cry in the airport and kiss the hands and begging people to allow him her to fly ???????????????????

    • why you need steal the money of your people why?????????????????????????????

    • if you want to stop the people from travelling out side from travelling and find job for living so why you as government not provide for all those hungry jobless people so the will not think to suffer out side looking for job ???????????????

    • and beside who are you to stop human being from the freedom to go and travel any fucking where ...all the countries in the world if their citizens the got visa the just stump the exit on the passport and Finnish,,,why only in Philippine all this bullshit?????????????

    • and finally my message to the Philippine government?

    Don’t cheat your people under the title of (curb human trafficking) from stealing your more cheating at all in this time of media and internet ........look at all the country around you are becoming to much high class of livening except the Philippine still 100 years back because of thief of the government and according to the history all the revolutions happened before and happening now are because of the injustice and Corruption in local government and all this are in the Philippine with 500% ...and after i met a lot of Philippeno and Philippina her in middle east they are all wishing that something happen there in Philippine that change the reality and burn all these injustice Corruption in local government whatever the cost is ......people are sad and fedd up of this .....

    and at the end my message to the government of Philippine be careful and start to fix all your mistakes before it is too late your country from the revolution and make up with your people and give them the freedom and follow the human rights of the freedom of travelling without and problem because i see the signs and the indicators in the Philippine and from my side i promise as iam reporter and history teacher i will push all the media and news TV on the world to talk about the injustice in Philippine and specially from stealing the money of people when the need to traveling to find the food witch is not there in their country..
    and again for the government you are doing all this because the people still are giving you chances to improve but if the fire of revolution will start it will burn everything .


  6. Sometimes this makes me mad and ashamed to be a Filipino. If other countries welcome you, your own country restricts you. When you want to better yourself they drag you down.I hope this can be improved. soon.


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