How do Igorots look like

September 29, 2011

Like anyone else, an Igorot can be dark or light-skinned, short or tall, curly or straight-haired. No, we don't have tails.

In olden times, g-strings and tapis are everyday wears, however at these times, such are worn mostly during special occasions/ presentations. There's a joke that goes these are more expensive than a pair of Levis or the branded current-day skirt because of the time and artistry required to weave a piece.  

The page hits I receive on my few Igorot-related posts inspired this blogpost thought, so of you 'googling' the title above, here are the sample photos for you:

With my paternal granny, Allapo Saplet below.
'Allapo' is the Mountain Province address for  Grannies, both meaning Lolo or Lola.

With my maternal grannies, Apu Maming and Apu Mariano below.
'Apu' is used by Ifugaos to address Grannies, both Lolo and Lola.

And here's a sample how some Igorot kids look like.
Kalel the Gremlin and some of his maternal cousins:

Igorot kids of the Saplet-Kullulan lineage plus auntie Gumayen
At the end of the day, we are all humans of the same race and aspiration for a better world.

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  1. Igorots are beautiful, I should youngest brother was born in Itogon. We stayed in Itogon and Baguio for 5 years. Meron maiitim pero mas marami akong nakitang mapuputi ang balat. At sa naalala ko nung bata pa ako, magagaling mag English ang mga educated Igorot. 4 out of my 5 brothers ay nag elementary sa Benguet.


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