Sumo Sushi Al Qasba is Preggy Friendly

November 27, 2011

Sushi is generally associated to raw fishes and creates a general notion that it is a no-no during pregnancy. I would not take the risk even when few argue otherwise. But there's still a way around it, sushi minus the raw fish is still sushi for me, at this era when sushi has evolved to cater to other non-Japanese patrons.    

Big Gremlin's typical plate
 My husband and I love sushi and we mostly satisfy our cravings during Sumo Sushi's Friday AED88 buffets either at Al Qasba or their Garhoud branches. I wouldn't let him suffer (naks!) at the expense of my pregnancy knowing that the weekly buffets include non-raw servings of tempura, teriyaki, katsu, yakisoba and fried rice plus miso soup and a little of fresh cucumbers, lettuce and tomato slices.

A ten-stars compliment to Sumo for this voluntary complement for a preggy patron.
 What's more was a pleasant surprise when a staff brought over our table a non-raw-fish maki prepared ala-katsu sushi (don't know its name, sorry :-) ) just because I was over the sushi table asking which ones are preggy-friendly. I did not request yet they made a 'customised' sushi for me :-)

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