Kalei's Grill in La Trinidad, Benguet

November 19, 2011

Scouting for casual dining places at night in La Trinidad (Benguet) without being tempted to just instead drive to the city, could be challenging for those finding an alternative to Jack's and Marosan's  and for those who want to eat in comfort minus being seated near tables of alcoholic drinks patrons.  Establishments close early , so our alternative fastfood meals at Pines Supermart's  Calajo or just Tiongsan's Greenwich are but closed, unless we decide to pop in at  Km5's Jollibee or McDonalds. 

My brothers suggested Kalei's Grill along Km.4. All the while I thought this was a pub with live bands playing at night, and would later know it has two sections with adjacent entrances  - the pub and the casual dining resto.

The resto has a  traditional western tavern ambiance infused with some local (Igorot) accent as influenced by the country-music-loving market.   

I'd say there's enough on the menu to offer.  

I did not note the dish but it sure has wine.

The white sugar served in unsealed small plastic made me smile

The interiors give a mixed impressions of sorts. An Igorot deerhunter accent is added to the cowboy-cum western fisherman's haven feel.

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  1. Mukhang dinadayo ang lugar na yan. Napa-smile din ako dun sa sugar na nakalagay sa plastic :). Masarap ba ang food nila? Hindi naman siguro yan dadayuhin ng mga tao kung hindi masarap.

  2. Hi JTG,

    Dinadayo nga since it seems it's the most visible choice along the highway and it stands out so far among the others I've been into.

    I avoided to comment on the food kasi subjective e, if I may, I think if they improve/ invest more on freshness and presentation, they'll be a level better.

    In price, one pays for the ambiance in that particular location, which is quite ok.

  3. Kagagaling lang namin dito ng pamilya ko last week. Ewan ko bakit sinasabi niyong dinadayo.
    Ang pangit ng service nila parang pagod lahat ng mga waiter. Simpleng ice tea lang antagal dumating. Halos kalahati na ng order namin ubos na eh hindi pa naiserve ang ice tea. Kahit tubig wala pa.
    Pati pagkain nila walang asin.
    Nag order pa kami dessert eh sobrang tagal din dumating.
    Appear disappear din mga staff.
    Sa management ayusin niyo po service niyo.


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