A Patriotic Gremlin and his Lupang HInirang - 2011.11.11

November 12, 2011

The Gremlin attends a Filipino school here in Dubai, hence the daily singing of the Philippine Anthem (I suppose).

Once in a while, he would browse youtube listening to Lupang Hinirang versions. He loves singing along, even when his lyrics are still lost somewhere. We took a video of his progress yesterday, which I uploaded on youtube today with the note:

Nah, this is not to make the Gremlin a laughing stock, in fact, we are glad that our patriotic five-year old has a bit improved in singing the Philippine Anthem, despite that he doesnt speak Tagalog/ Filipino to date. 
Yes, we hide our giggles as he sings, but behind us is our gladness in his progress. :-)

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