Sunset at Dubai Silicon Oasis

November 30, 2011

It took me a full year at Dubai Silicon Oasis to re-learn that the sun rises and sets at and from different locations during the year.

Around summer, a rounded sun sets down just beside the spiked cone of the Pineapple building from my workstation angle. The cold months are here and I missed to take a photo of that beautiful summer view. Save for next summer, so here's a November sunset photo of Pineapple building for now . 

This alley below too, has the setting sun's beautiful golden hue peeking out given the right timing, which also remains on my wishlist to capture: 

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  1. pineapple shaped building sounds cool :)

  2. Beautiful photos! I really like the orangey sky in photo #1. I'll never get tired of watching the sky during sunset or sunrise. Looking forward to seeing more sunset photos here at Gremliness.

  3. Beautiful sunset photos! I liked most the burning hues in first photo.


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