Dubai - New Fujairah Road Route

December 17, 2011

This blog had a sudden surge in hits from searches on the new road to Fujairah through Maleha Road, and that gave us a cue where to head this weekend -- off for a lunch buffet at Fujairah Rotana with our 2011 Entertainer voucher before it expires end of this month.

We started through E11, or from Ittihad Road, but we thought this is a longer route after we came back to Dubai through the By Pass Road, which took considerably shorter time and avoiding the usual traffic at National Paints roundabout.


  • Coming from the Deira Clock Tower, head towards Airport Road.
  • After the Rashidiya Metro Station, get straight up the bridge, then down to Emirates Road towards Sharjah.
  • As you approach the National Paints Bridge, take right, do not go up.
  • Taking right before National Paints Bridge and down before the roundabout, be careful not to go straight, but take the road to the right, signposted as Maleha Road.
  • Keep driving straight along Maleha Road for around 54 kilometers from the National Paints Roundabout before you need to get up the interchange to take you on the new road .  Here are some guides to spot the interchange, aside from the sign posts: Soon as you see the first hills/ mountains, you'd see a petrol station,  the Maleha Interchange, then Maleha Hospital.
  • From Maleha Hospital, stay on the right lane as you are approaching Exit 47. Take right at Exit 47, go up left through the interchange and voila! you're on for a smooth three-lane drive along Shaikh Khalifa Road - the new Fujairah road.
From Exit 47, it's 39 kilometers towards Fujairah's oblong roundabout. On a 100-130 kph speed, we clocked 23 minutes.


Going back to  Dubai,  we headed back to the oblong roundabout ( :-) the shape I guess makes it peculiar and the best way to identify for those who doesnt know its name (like me!)).  We took the exit to the "Dubai" signpost.
  • Get past the first intersection. You know you're not lost when you see the Fujairah City Center (still under construction as of this writing) at your right. 
  • You approach a roundabout, then take left. 
  •  From the roundabout, get right on the start of the Shaikh Khalifa highway.
  • After some 35 kilometers, you are now to take a right back on Maleha Road
On Maleha Road, you have the option to head straight to National Paints Roundabout, (which we don't recommend if going back to Dubai and you're avoiding traffic), or through By Pass Road. If deciding on the By Pass Road:
  • At Maleha Road, slow down and keep right soon as you see signs of Jebel Ali/ Abu Dhabi, and By Pass Road. Take right and up the interchange.
  • Now at the six-laned By Pass Road, you would see the Burj Khalifa on your right as you advance. You are now driving in parallel with Emirates Road.
  • Exiting to Deira, take right to the signpost of Al Khawaneej.
  • Keep driving straight until you reach the roundabout that points left to Deira. 
  • You're led to take right then straight until you cross the interchange above Emirates Road. You're now on the Airport Road.  
The reason for the drive

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  1. Hello! Beautiful road! Thank You very much for sharing!

  2. Thank you very much for the accurate directions...cheers

  3. looks like a very long drive -- but after seeing the food -- worth it! :D hahaha

  4. Wonderful guidance and the track is amazing.


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