Of Flowers - Al Ain and Baguio

March 05, 2012

We played guide to our friends on their first drive from Dubai to Al Ain Zoo and Al Ain Paradise. Below so far are the efficient routes we took to minimise the traffic and missing on the many roundabouts of Al Ain’s town center:
Easiest Route from Dubai to Al Ain Zoo
-  Take the Dubai - Al Ain Road (E66)
-  Reaching Al Ain, steer right towards the Airport
-  On your left, find the way to 130th St, or Zayed Al Awal Street. (There are detours as of this writing, with the road under construction)
-  Drive straight past roundabouts and the end of it is Al Ain Zoo
Easiest Route to Al Ain Paradise from Al Ain Zoo
-  From Al Ain Zoo, exit to the first roundabout, take left
-  At the next roundabout, take left again
-  Enter to the first right, then another quick right to the parking

One’s appreciation of Al Ain Paradise is subjective but the common denominator is that one gets to step on a Guinness Book of World Records site (world's largest display of hanging baskets).

We first roamed Al Ain's zoo under the scorching heat last Friday that drained us before heading to the flower park. The heat dampened our energy, that drained us to appreciate the flowers. The park is now wider since our April 2011 visit , but I felt that the compressed ‘architecture’ last year gave a more ‘flowery’ feel. Also, the many staffs manning the area could be distracting with their whistles as they prevent people to step on grasses or touch the flowers. I thought it could have helped if sign-ages were installed for do's and dont's and that the staffs at least smile.

On flowers still, I missed (again!) joining this year’s flower festival back home. Baguio’s (Philippines) Panagbenga Festival this year reportedly gathered 1.5 million spectators during the opening floats and street dancing parade. Baguio’s cool climate encouraged the flower industry, most of which are distributed at Manila’s Dimasalang area. What makes the event spectacular is the mix of ‘flower arts’ and ‘cultural accents’.
Panagbenga 2012. Photo Credit: Ompong Tan
Panagbenga 2012. Photo Credit: Ompong Tan
Panagbenga 2012. Photo Credit: Ompong Tan
Panagbenga 2012. Photo Credit: Ompong Tan

Panagbenga 2012 Street Dancing. Photo Credit: Rhodyl Ambloza. More of his photos HERE

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  1. andaming kilala kong nag-al ain, maybe because summer is soon coming :)


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