Kalel's first tooth off

May 27, 2012


"Mama, my tooth, it fell off by itself!", Kalel exclaimed handing over his little pearly white as he started his breakfast. His Dad just left for Muscat and it should be his honor to receive the tooth (lower central incisor) at last after a month of father and son brushing the loose tooth. It loosened apparently after food (chicken meat) clung between his teeth and pulled it.

To calm him, his dad talked him through tooth fairies, putting the tooth under the pillow, receiving surprises and the like -- which excited the boy. For about a month, we asked him to hold on of forcing the tooth to fall, and finally, it did today.

The excited mom in me brought the tiny tooth to the kitchen sink to wash, but lo! it fell down the drain! HEART BREAKING! I cannot exactly define the feeling -- the FIRST tooth was like everything to us, if only I scan scour through the drainage of the building to have the prized tooth back. I was crying inside.

Then, I calmed myself and called my son over, gave him a tight looong hug, apologizing I lost the tooth.   His face turned red and heavy but was quick to suggest we ask help to recover it. He remained composed through my hugs and had not freaked for my losing the precious tooth he'd been speaking about for weeks and been eager to place under his pillow for the tooth fairy to collect. Amidst the situation, I realized a certain 'emotional maturity' in my Gremlin.It was just like a half year back when his immediate reaction to frustrations was to cry.

Back to the precious tooth, I hoped on hope, got a pail, opened the outlet pipes below the sink and with the pail, caught the water and dirt that dropped. I scoured among the tiny pieces and a was I so blessed -- there on my hand was the precious tooth! Imagine how thankful and happy I was!

It was until the following night when his dad is back from the trip that we placed the precious tooth under Kalel's pillow. While he was asleep, his dad came and replaced the tooth with a mini British Airways airplane. He had the happiest smile the next morning, and his dad the happiest dad seeing his smile!


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  1. i wish i knew about the tooth fairy when i was young...i guess tooth fairies weren't existent yet.

  2. it's always nice to read your blogs...now i know what to tell my baby girl when her tooth falls off.


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