Emails on paper

June 06, 2012

At half past five years old, Kalel started his writing his 'emails' to us. His emails are handwritten messages which  he usually pens on loose or  obscured  papers, and he does not really mean to hand us neither tell us verbally. Hence, we fail to see if his dad misses to check his notebooks and bags.

Here are a few he wrote on his notebook covers. (He is still learning his spelling but) what concerns us is the psychology behind his acts. Some of his messages are on crumpled papers you would think it's trash but it tells of his frustrations in school, like being hurt by his classmates or being admonished for misbehaving. He is quite a talker at home and is always proud to discuss his achievements, but yes maybe, he does not want to verbally dwell on anything negative.

"Papa I cried in school because I dont know what's next" -- we suppose he referred to his seat work about writing the next event but he didn't know.
Upper message said "I hurt Jaimie with my pencil"

"Papa and Mama, I broke my neck tie. Sorry Mama and Papa! Please forgive me"

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