Our Little Superman Turns Six Years Old

June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

I posted this on Facebook today:

Kalel turns six today and definitely no longer the big baby. From a shy bullied school boy, to a chatty bully’s friend with a starting bullying attitude -- may he not become the bully as he starts Grade 2… He’s passionate of airplanes, youtube, google maps and said he can play by himself -- may he learn team play... He approaches kids in the malls, chatting and asking for their contact numbers – may he be charmingly friendly rather than irritating... That’s a hope list for him, but I guess he’d say “I hope mama and papa have lots of patience and wisdom in dealing with me”. 

Happy birthday Kalel (with hugs & kiss)! 

And here's a recap of how we celebrated your birthday:

On birthdays you attended, you had been inviting everyone to come on your birthday (without agreeing with us yet), so when we started planning your celebration, we had to discuss with your our budget. You were given a choice: first choice --  we invite your classmates, some friends and most uncles and aunties (and there's plenty of them) and you will not have a gift of your liking from us; or second choice -- we invite some aunties and uncles for dinner and buy you few gifts you want. You chose the second, you even said you're sure as you can celebrate by yourself (not that we wanted you to celebrate less, son :) ). So here it was:
2012.June.17 was a UAE holiday, we had your pre-birthday dinner at DFC's Hardrock Cafe. Juryn  joined you blow your birthday candles.
Do you remember doing this, your usual approach-someone-a-stranger-and-ask-their-number thing? Miss Nice Lady  entertained your question as you wrote her answers.

You went to Kidzania for a good four hours, became a pilot, an aircraft engineer, doctor, dentist, made your own coke and milk pack, delivered newspapers, among others.

You came home for late lunch with your third birthday cake. Your first two cakes were at Hardrock CAfe.

And we had another family picture. On your sixth birthday, our dear Baby Riane completes us.

 Then you went on to open your gifts. There is one of your requests -- an Emirates Airbus A380-800 model. Were you too happy to have one of the new passenger aircraft model on your radar.

Another happy face with one of your favorite and skilled-at games - Angry Birds.

Happy birthday dear Gremlin,  may you continue to grow in wisdom and goodness. We love you!

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