Ajman Traffic Fines and Car Impounding

July 10, 2012

Shameful it may be but I'll share it anyway for those who might search it and see it helpful.

In one of my posts I mentioned about our traffic violation of jumping on red light along the Emirate of Ajman. Jumping on red light is included in the red list and as such, it carries AED 800 fine, 8 blackpoints and two weeks of car impounding. And because of the impounding clause, violators are not allowed to pay online. So  being based in Dubai, we need to drive to Ajman to settle.  

But do you know that impounding penalty can be paid at AED 100 a day? (This is as of today though, please still check for any change in rules)

Had we known this earlier, we could have paid the fine in February when Ajman Police provided discount on traffic fines, at a time we thought we needed the car more and scheduled the impounding for later.  So today, Husband paid AED 800 plus AED 1400. 

Next time we pass through Ajman from Um Al Quwain/ Ras Al Khaimah through E11, we know to be more conscious of the following:
(1) We are not too familiar with the road, hence on calculated speed
(2) While a major highway, and a clear straight road coming from Um Al Quwain with a tempting speed limit of 120kph at some point, slow down as soon as Ajman is reached as traffic lights line the road.
(3) When used to Dubai's traffic lights of dual slow-down warning (blinking green lights then yellow), the counterpart to Ajman's traffic lights is at green lights at around number 10 counting down. Remember, after 1 is total stop, no additional warning time.

Husband grinned and declined Ajman's Mr. Police's remark of "Please come again", so we might as well stand for it :-)

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  1. Even I got a fine for the tints on my car...and my car has been impounded for 30 days :( such a awful and mercyless law :(



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