Sandstorm in Dubai

July 09, 2012

No, it's not dawn or sunset here, it's midday, but the sandstorm had covered the sun. I am not too sure but since I started in Dubai, I was made to believe and continues to believe that sandstorms mark a change in weather, so either way would bring a frown or a smile. 

Below photos were taken in February this year that made me sigh, marking the start of summer. It's uncomfortably hot now outdoors, and I look forward to the next sandstorm that will sign in winter.

Sandstorm on Al Ittihad Road heading to Sharjah

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  1. I guess it's a good sign to get a sandstorm is it does signal a change of weather pattern. It is uncomfortably hot out here too. We've had two weeks of heat wave and I'm hoping for some rain soon.

  2. I think this type of sand storm will be visible in Arab Countries only.

  3. Nice post man, you rock! Keep it up!

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