Little Princess @ Two Months

August 20, 2012

While we are obligated to feed and care for our babies which could be tiring at times, the happiness (I know it's a cliche but it's not understood until felt) that comes along their every smile, cry and coos makes up for it a thousandfold. 

Here's the Little Princess at month 2, some of the photos I cant get enough of scrolling in my phone if I'm away from home:

A two months, here are princess-y some notes from my diary:

- After month 1 (2012.05.29), I love how Riane coos and blurt out syllables like an adult to clear her throat when she can not continue to cough out.
- She regurgitates her milk when her tummy gets pressed.
- Rashes showed on her face, seemingly from her tears 

- (2012.06.26) So nice and heartwarming cooing with Riane, responding with smiles and coos. Turns her body 90 degrees since early June.. Have long sleep days followed by long play days.
- (2012.07.04) Riane lifted her head and shoulders on her palms when placed on her tummy.

- (2012.07.06) Riane at two months and two weeks uttered "mmmma-ma!" protestingly as I cleaned her nose. It was rather a reflex, but I am happy still.
- (2012.07.15) Two weeks before turning three months, Riane blurted "mmma mmma mmma!" when her cries were ignored for some few minutes.  
- (2012.07.17) This week Riane turned her head on the opposite side when left to play on his play gym on her back.

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